What Guests want from your Airbnb Hosting Service

When it comes to Airbnb hosting service, nothing matters more than the overall customer experience. As short-term rental properties continue to become more popular with travellers, the guest expectations have also increased. As an Airbnb host, your primary objective should not only be to offer your guests a unique experience, but you should also focus on exceeding your guests’ expectations. So, what do guests expect today when it comes to Airbnb hosting service? Here is what guests want from your Airbnb rental:

Good reviews

You may already know that guests talk about their experiences all the time so the reviews that you attract from customers matter. A single bad review can impact a guest’s willingness to stay in your property so if you do not want your occupancy to be affected negatively, you should focus on collecting as many positive reviews from your guests as possible.


As mentioned above, competition is at an all time high when it comes to the short-term rental market. As such, your guests are always on the look out for amenities and services that can make their stay a comfortable one. You should carry out your research as a host to find out some of things that guests expect from a rental property so that you can provide them. 


It goes without saying that your Airbnb hosting should be as clean as possible to not only improve your ranking on Airbnb, but also to encourage positive reviews from guests. If you do not feel as though you have the time or energy to handle the maintenance of your Airbnb rental, consider seeking help from Airbnb Hosting Service that can handle the day to day tasks of management for you.

Straightforward check-in processes

To make check in easy and straightforward, most Airbnb hosting rentals nowadays are outfitted with electronic codes and locks to make access easy. This eliminates the need for guests to mingle with their hosts. Although it is always nice when the host takes time out to interact with guests, some guests simply prefer to handle check-in on their own. By installing such devices that make the check-in process easy, it will make your guest feel at ease and relaxed which will go a long way in enhancing their overall experience.

Things to heighten the local experience

If you want your guests to have a unique rental experience, consider including things that can help them explore the local area better. This means adding guides or maps that can help your guests get around easily. You can even go a step further to offer a personalized guidebook that includes all the best hangout spots, bars, restaurants and attractions. There is nothing that guests appreciate more than having a local’s perspective in a new area, so do everything that you can to provide it.