Earn Higher Rents with End of Tenancy Cleaning London

It is not surprising to see a difference of tens of pounds in rent for similar houses in the same neighbourhood, with the tenants in the higher rent house not complaining. Cleanliness can explain a lot of this difference. The first impression that a tenant has a unit unconsciously sets a certain amount in mind. If the unit is shabbily kept, a potential tenant will form a low opinion of and set to negotiate as low as possible. When a unit is sparkling clean and smelling fresh, a potential tenant will mark it as scarce and be prepared to pay higher.

As a landlord, presenting spotlessly clean units gives you an upper hand in negotiating higher rents. This is more so if you are renting out higher rent houses, where tenants are choosier.   Relying on professional end of tenancy cleaners London services is a better guarantee of having professional jobs done. What do end of tenancy cleaners do to make your units more attractive?

  • Get rid of all previous tenant’s traces

Different tenants will use your units differently. Some will leave your house in a disastrous condition, with a lot of wear and tear. For those who keep pets, there will be a lot of pet dander lying around. Others will not bother to pull down personalized wall art and wallpaper. All this needs to go before a new tenant can move in. you need professional cleaners to work on the house and eliminate these traces.  A potential tenant who sees the house as good as new sees a clean slate on which to impart her/his personality.

  • Get rid of health hazards

Your house could pose a health hazard in some ways. Pet dander, dust and carpet mites are allergens that pose health complications to people with respiratory conditions like asthma. If the previous tenant has not cleaned up well, greasy kitchen appliances can make fertile breeding grounds for mould, fungi and bacteria. Your house needs a serious top to bottom cleaning job that gets rid of all these health hazards.

A professional end of tenancy North London cleaning service will have the manpower, equipment and cleaning material necessary to do a professional job.

Engaging end of tenancy cleaning London can do a lot to make your unit appealing to potential tenants.  A house where kitchen appliances are gleaming, the bathroom smells fresh, and is stain-free makes a huge appeal to a potential client. You can convince tenants that you are offering better than the competition and justify your higher rents.