What kind of handyman service are the most demanded?

We take care of small urgent repairs, breakdowns, installation or maintenance of all kinds of things, such as windows, doors, hanging pictures, putting on a tap, repairing glass.

We are experts in handyman service, repair of all kinds of small breakdowns, glass repair. Let our handyman employees save you time and take care of keeping your home, office, or premises in good condition.

What kind of handyman service are the most demanded?

Paint houses, offices or premises

You need to paint your home or just a part, a paint repair in general. You want to paint your house, office or premises completely.

Contact us and ask us for a painting estimate for your home, premises, or office. 

Stabbing floors

We repair floors, slash and varnish your old parquet to make it look like new. Your floor will no longer look old and worn. We also repair small sleeping areas.

Locksmith service

If you need to change your lock, or only the cylinder, you are concerned about the security of the lock that you already have installed, or you have simply left the keys inside and have no way of accessing your home. Call us, and our handyman service will solve the problem quickly.

Installation or repair of blinds

If your blind no longer works well, you have to replace parts or check the problem and repair it. Contact us right now, and we will make you a quick, no-obligation blind repair estimate.

Installation or repair of taps and cisterns

A tap that always leaks, or on the contrary, a tap that doesn’t let the water out, install a new tap, change the ones you already have. Your cistern leaks water, or is very old, makes annoying noises. Do not suffer anymore and call us for all these types of repairs, Vialder handyman service.

Assemble and place furniture

You have new furniture that you want to assemble, or you have moved, and your furniture has not yet been installed. You would like to change furniture, but you have no one to assemble them. The handyman service gives you a solution to this type of need, we assemble furniture of all kinds, we also repair small furniture failures. Or, if you just need to hang pictures, give us a call.

General maintenance

We offer general maintenance tasks for the home or office, greasing doors and windows, blinds, checking tanks, taps, purging radiators. Checking the correct operation of plugs and switches. Location of small faults or probable breakdowns that could arise in the future, such as loose screws in chairs, tables, or other furniture. Touch up paint or floors. Any type of cleaning.

Helpers by the hour

You have some type of home or office job that needs a few more hands. A professional to help you by contributing their experience and professionalism for hours.

We offer within the service of handyman, helpers for hours. Tell us what type of work you are going to do, and we will budget an assistant by the hour so that you can do that work which you cannot do on your own.

What to Expect After Handyman Service

Know that if we do not meet your expectations for any reason, we will come back and fulfill the guarantee of our work. Simply notify us within 24 hours of any issues, including any oversights or misunderstandings regarding the specification of your type of work or need.