What kind of handyman service are the most demanded?

We take care of small urgent repairs, breakdowns, installation or maintenance of all kinds of things, such as windows, doors, hanging pictures, putting on a tap, repairing glass.

We are experts in handyman service, repair of all kinds of small breakdowns, glass repair. Let our handyman employees save you time and take care of keeping your home, office, or premises in good condition.

What kind of handyman service are the most demanded?

Paint houses, offices or premises

You need to paint your home or just a part, a paint repair in general. You want to paint your house, office or premises completely.

Contact us and ask us for a painting estimate for your home, premises, or office. 

Stabbing floors

We repair floors, slash and varnish your old parquet to make it look like new. Your floor will no longer look old and worn. We also repair small sleeping areas.

Locksmith service

If you need to change your lock, or only the cylinder, you are concerned about the security of the lock that you already have installed, or you have simply left the keys inside and have no way of accessing your home. Call us, and our handyman service will solve the problem quickly.

Installation or repair of blinds

If your blind no longer works well, you have to replace parts or check the problem and repair it. Contact us right now, and we will make you a quick, no-obligation blind repair estimate.

Installation or repair of taps and cisterns

A tap that always leaks, or on the contrary, a tap that doesn’t let the water out, install a new tap, change the ones you already have. Your cistern leaks water, or is very old, makes annoying noises. Do not suffer anymore and call us for all these types of repairs, Vialder handyman service.

Assemble and place furniture

You have new furniture that you want to assemble, or you have moved, and your furniture has not yet been installed. You would like to change furniture, but you have no one to assemble them. The handyman service gives you a solution to this type of need, we assemble furniture of all kinds, we also repair small furniture failures. Or, if you just need to hang pictures, give us a call.

General maintenance

We offer general maintenance tasks for the home or office, greasing doors and windows, blinds, checking tanks, taps, purging radiators. Checking the correct operation of plugs and switches. Location of small faults or probable breakdowns that could arise in the future, such as loose screws in chairs, tables, or other furniture. Touch up paint or floors. Any type of cleaning.

Helpers by the hour

You have some type of home or office job that needs a few more hands. A professional to help you by contributing their experience and professionalism for hours.

We offer within the service of handyman, helpers for hours. Tell us what type of work you are going to do, and we will budget an assistant by the hour so that you can do that work which you cannot do on your own.

What to Expect After Handyman Service

Know that if we do not meet your expectations for any reason, we will come back and fulfill the guarantee of our work. Simply notify us within 24 hours of any issues, including any oversights or misunderstandings regarding the specification of your type of work or need.

What Guests want from your Airbnb Hosting Service

When it comes to Airbnb hosting service, nothing matters more than the overall customer experience. As short-term rental properties continue to become more popular with travellers, the guest expectations have also increased. As an Airbnb host, your primary objective should not only be to offer your guests a unique experience, but you should also focus on exceeding your guests’ expectations. So, what do guests expect today when it comes to Airbnb hosting service? Here is what guests want from your Airbnb rental:

Good reviews

You may already know that guests talk about their experiences all the time so the reviews that you attract from customers matter. A single bad review can impact a guest’s willingness to stay in your property so if you do not want your occupancy to be affected negatively, you should focus on collecting as many positive reviews from your guests as possible.


As mentioned above, competition is at an all time high when it comes to the short-term rental market. As such, your guests are always on the look out for amenities and services that can make their stay a comfortable one. You should carry out your research as a host to find out some of things that guests expect from a rental property so that you can provide them. 


It goes without saying that your Airbnb hosting should be as clean as possible to not only improve your ranking on Airbnb, but also to encourage positive reviews from guests. If you do not feel as though you have the time or energy to handle the maintenance of your Airbnb rental, consider seeking help from Airbnb Hosting Service that can handle the day to day tasks of management for you.

Straightforward check-in processes

To make check in easy and straightforward, most Airbnb hosting rentals nowadays are outfitted with electronic codes and locks to make access easy. This eliminates the need for guests to mingle with their hosts. Although it is always nice when the host takes time out to interact with guests, some guests simply prefer to handle check-in on their own. By installing such devices that make the check-in process easy, it will make your guest feel at ease and relaxed which will go a long way in enhancing their overall experience.

Things to heighten the local experience

If you want your guests to have a unique rental experience, consider including things that can help them explore the local area better. This means adding guides or maps that can help your guests get around easily. You can even go a step further to offer a personalized guidebook that includes all the best hangout spots, bars, restaurants and attractions. There is nothing that guests appreciate more than having a local’s perspective in a new area, so do everything that you can to provide it.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying new Gadgets

The number of gadgets in the market increases by the day, especially with the increasing interest in the Internet of Things (IoT). However, since the IoT is still unrefined, you will find that most of the gadgets are unreasonably expensive. Despite that, the usefulness of these gadgets is undeniable, which creates a difficult situation for potential buyers. I mean, if you had to buy all the available gadgets, you would probably go bankrupt. So, as buyers, we need to find out how to choose these gadgets and decided on which ones to buy and why.

How useful is the gadget?

Buying a gadget because it is trendy or stylish is the worst possible reason for making a purchase. Before you buy any device, you need to first ask yourself whether it is useful to you. However, in the current world, it would be hard to find a gadget that doesn’t have its use. So, you have to further explore just how useful the gadget is to you. Take, for instance, a USB mini-fridge. While it is a novelty gadget, its usefulness is limited so do you need it?

Can you afford it?

Of course, the next issue of concern is whether you can afford to buy the gadget. As mentioned, the gadgets are ridiculously expensive. Therefore, you have to consider whether it is within your budgetary limits to buy the gadget. If it’s a gadget you really need, then you can justify the expense even if you go a little over budget. However, if it’s not a priority then you shouldn’t make the expenditure unless the gadget is affordable.

Is it possible to consolidate?

A lot of the gadgets available tend to have overlapping functions. Therefore, the question you should be asking is whether it is possible to consolidate those functions. If it is possible to buy one gadget that serves the functions of another gadget, then there is no point in buying the second gadget. For instance, a quality smartphone can serve the functions of a digital camera, PDA, music player, and eBook reader, among others.

What are the service options?

The maintenance of your gadget should be a significant concern when buying it. Many new gadgets are designed to last a long life with measures in place to protect against damage, which is great. However, there is always the chance that the damage will occur anyway. So, what are the options, if any, available for the servicing of the device? If you cannot find any then it is not worth it to spend on such gadgets.

Earn Higher Rents with End of Tenancy Cleaning London

It is not surprising to see a difference of tens of pounds in rent for similar houses in the same neighbourhood, with the tenants in the higher rent house not complaining. Cleanliness can explain a lot of this difference. The first impression that a tenant has a unit unconsciously sets a certain amount in mind. If the unit is shabbily kept, a potential tenant will form a low opinion of and set to negotiate as low as possible. When a unit is sparkling clean and smelling fresh, a potential tenant will mark it as scarce and be prepared to pay higher.

As a landlord, presenting spotlessly clean units gives you an upper hand in negotiating higher rents. This is more so if you are renting out higher rent houses, where tenants are choosier.   Relying on professional end of tenancy cleaners London services is a better guarantee of having professional jobs done. What do end of tenancy cleaners do to make your units more attractive?

  • Get rid of all previous tenant’s traces

Different tenants will use your units differently. Some will leave your house in a disastrous condition, with a lot of wear and tear. For those who keep pets, there will be a lot of pet dander lying around. Others will not bother to pull down personalized wall art and wallpaper. All this needs to go before a new tenant can move in. you need professional cleaners to work on the house and eliminate these traces.  A potential tenant who sees the house as good as new sees a clean slate on which to impart her/his personality.

  • Get rid of health hazards

Your house could pose a health hazard in some ways. Pet dander, dust and carpet mites are allergens that pose health complications to people with respiratory conditions like asthma. If the previous tenant has not cleaned up well, greasy kitchen appliances can make fertile breeding grounds for mould, fungi and bacteria. Your house needs a serious top to bottom cleaning job that gets rid of all these health hazards.

A professional end of tenancy North London cleaning service will have the manpower, equipment and cleaning material necessary to do a professional job.

Engaging end of tenancy cleaning London can do a lot to make your unit appealing to potential tenants.  A house where kitchen appliances are gleaming, the bathroom smells fresh, and is stain-free makes a huge appeal to a potential client. You can convince tenants that you are offering better than the competition and justify your higher rents.

Benefits of Using End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Your tenancy lease agreement in London is coming to an end and you want to make sure that you get 100% of your security deposit back. This means leaving the property in the condition you found it or better. We recommend hiring the best end of tenancy cleaning firm to help. It will offer plenty of benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Experience and expertise

The first advantage is that the professional firm’s cleaners have the necessary expertise to tackle anything that comes their way. This is partially due to their years of hands-on experience carrying out end of tenancy cleaning. They understand exactly what landlords and tenants need, and work hard to meet customer expectations.

Save money

At face value, hiring end of tenancy cleaning services may seem like an unnecessary cost. However, it would be more expensive if you did the cleaning yourself. The cost of purchasing the cleaning equipment and products to get everything done to perfection will end up being higher than the cost of hiring a third party. In addition, cleaning the property yourself may mean having to take time off work and you may lose financially.

Improve occupancy

If you are a landlord or own vacation rentals, hiring end of tenancy cleaning services could help you increase the occupancy rate. The occupancy rate is particularly important in the rental and leasing business, and you lose money when your property is empty. Potential tenants will compare your property with other properties they see in the area. Should yours fall short in terms of maintenance or cleanliness in comparison to rentals in the area, they will move on and choose somewhere else to live.

Fewer complaints

One of the major difficulties faced by rental property owners is complaints by the tenants. Opting for best  end of tenancy cleaning services can go a long way towards helping reduce those complaints. Your tenants will not find anything to complain about when it comes to cleanliness once the professionals are done.

Save time

When a tenant decides to move from a property, it may not be at a time that is convenient to the landlord or the tenant. Cleaning out the house can be tedious and time-consuming, especially for someone who has a lot of properties to manage or a tight schedule. Taking advantage of end of tenancy cleaning services will help you save a ton of time that could be utilized for other tasks.

Top 5 Energy Efficient Gadgets You Should Have

If you wish to save your heating bills, there are gadgets in the market that can be ideal for this. Such devices will help you in monitoring and reduce your home’s heating costs.

Electrify bills will surge if you consider the following gadgets.

Water Saving Shower Gadgets

Controlling the time you spend in your shower can be significant in reducing both your energy and water bills. Devices such as the ECO Shower drop can check your water usage in the shower and let you know when to get out.

Smart Thermostat

It is considered the best gadget to save your money. It helps you monitor your energy usage so that you get to know any areas you can save. In addition to that, the thermostat an enable you to create a heating schedule or completely manage you’re heating.

For instance, if you use an electric heater with no thermostatic controls, your heater will continue producing heat and use the electricity even after the room is warm enough, which leads to wastage of both money and energy.

Digital Thermometer

There are those thermometers that record both the maximum and minimum temperatures and show the extent of warmness and coldness of your home. It helps you identify those rooms in your house that need more attention. You will usually save energy with this gadget.

Automatic Radiator Bleeder

These gadgets are significant in eliminating excess trapped air that is stopping hot water from heating them efficiently. It is ideal to perform bleeding to your radiators to reduce your central heating systems efficiency. Auto vents will let air from your heaters when the necessity arises.

Smart Chargers

In every home, various devices are regularly charged from laptops to smartphones and are mostly done overnight. Most people don’t realize that when your device is fully charged and still plugged in, it will be drawing more power and adding more electricity bills. However, some chargers shut themselves up once your device is fully charged eventually saves both energy and the battery of your gadget.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

These bulbs burn brighter than any other standard bulbs. They use up to 75% less energy compared to typical bulbs. You can save up to $4 for every bulb every year and $ 77 if you replace all the bulbs in your house. In addition to that, these eco-friendly light bulbs last longer than standard bulbs, and you won’t replace them frequently.

The Best Gadgets to Keep You through winter

The winter season can be very challenging for everyone and especially for those people who work far from their homes. The essential thing is that there are gadgets that can be a top solution during such cold times.

Finding that ideal gadget that will enable you to keep warm in the chilliest weather is no joke. However, with these heating gadgets, you are sure to be more active and productive at your place of work.

USB Heating Blanket

It is the best gadget to war yourself at your workplace. It has an internal heating pad and a USB connection. In addition to that, there is zipping access that enables you to remove the pad and wash.

Heated Soles

Are you fed up with cold feet? Then the heated insoles are meant for you. They are wireless remote controlled insoles that ensure your feet are warm to the ideal temperature preventing any chances of sweating or overheating. It offers the flexibility of turning on and off the heat according to your preferred temperature. The insole can conduct heat efficiently due to the use of breathable polyurethane foam.

Heating Socks

There are various options for ensuring your feet are warm and comfortable. Heating socks should be on your list. To use these socks for an extended period, follow the cleaning instructions. Check that your socks are air dried to avoid any short circuits when they are placed in the washing machine. You will avoid the cold breeze passing through your feet when riding your bike or at your office.

USB Heated Shawls

If your home or office always remains cold, then this USB heated shawl is the best alternative for you. With these shawls, you plug them into your desktop or laptop and place it on your shoulders or any part of your body to keep warm. Apart from that, the gadget has a button that can control the heat according to needs of the user.

Hand Warmer

Hands are exposed to cold than any other part of the body. All parts of the body are typically covered, but the hands are always exposed because they may hinder you from performing your everyday activities.  You are required to connect these gadgets to a USB, and they will immediately start warming up your hands when you hold.

Mug Warmer

You cannot miss a cup of coffee during those cold seasons.  However, if you happen to have missed your warm cup, worry not you can heat up your cup of coffee by connecting your mug to the USB.